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Data Recovery

There is no worse feeling than accidentally deleting precious data from your computer and finding you can no longer access it. Whether it be a crucial business document or treasured family photo it is always distressing which is where our data recovery services can offer hope for relief.

Here at Cannock Computer Services we have recovered broken USB sticks, crashed hard drives and many a deleted file often including years of work for people. With our history in High Availability and Storage Area Network systems we are well versed in all areas of business continuity and go the extra mile in an effort to recover data with a very high success rate to date.

If you have a crashed Hard Drive or lost data on any device even a DVD rom it’s worth getting in touch with us to discuss the options. Collection and Drop off is an option which is covered under our on-site and callout services.

Our prices are very reasonable and easily compete with anyone else in the Cannock and Surrounding area for data recovery and furthermore we stand by our promise of no recovery, no fee.

Call us now for a risk free recovery on 01543 730361.

Data Recovery Pricing