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Computer Consultancy

Our computer consultancy services are used by all sizes of customers and startup businesses in many different scenarios from full business solutions to bespoke software solutions. How we can help is with our independence and previous experience working for different sizes and varied categories of business customers such as Doctors Surgeries, Property Developers, Landscapers, Sole Traders, Manufacturers, Corporations, Startups and Online eBay / Amazon Sellers and web based eCommerce all looking for the same thing which is, a cost effective efficient solution to match their business needs.

We aim to add value to your business by creating a streamlined and simplistic IT solution that allows you to give a great service to your customers all the time we are trying to keep your overall costs down so that over a year or two you will save many hundreds of pounds or hours easily outweighing any consultancy fees. As an independent company we are totally free to advise you in the best interest of your business, we are also happy and able to sit in on meetings with your potential suppliers or tender as an independent 3rd party to offer input that may not have been considered. When it comes to a major software or systems purchase, avoiding any oversights that could in turn lead to further costs outside the original budget constraints can be beneficial to any business.

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